This story is why the WAR ON DRUGS is an utter failure!

Checking out FOX online and here is example of overreaching in the 90’s that have so many young males of all colors sitting in prison for the rest of their life.  I know that there had to be an answer to so many, many young people being murdered for CRACK COCAINE because you could just watch the TV in the mid 80’s and feel the saddness of the families and utter disregard for life that most showed other gang members. 

Then there are people like the one in the FOX story who will pay for the rest of their lives for what should have been minor charges…certainly he conspired to introduce the two drug dealers BUT he didn’t kill anyone and those that did that turned on him have already been released.  I told my husband that whomever because the RNC Chairman should address the issue of the failed WAR ON DRUGS.

Most people don’t even know that one young guy or girl with crack will do more time in jail than the dealer who has it in powder form ie: the true DEALER….The country cried out for SOMETHING and the Federal Government as it always does went overboard.  The non-violent drug offense shouldn’t be LIFE in JAIL it should be an order to rehab.  I do of course think that young people will make mistakes we all know them or they could be our children.  My son speeding so fast he could have had a felony on his record BUT he was sent to driving school for 8 hours and paid a fairly substantial fine……he doesn’t speed anymore, he does go a few miles under the limit!  I told him that is not always smart either because you can get a ticket for impeding traffic 🙂 any the point is he was terrified! He was 20 and learned a valuable lesson!

WE as a nation cannot continue to just lock up 1st time drug offenders and WE as a nation cannot have our police being militarized as they have been since the CRACK WARS!  and WE as a nation cannot just continue to build prisons….Drugs have been around since the beginning of time including here with the Native Americans and peyote. 

I have stressed so many times that I am a LAW AND ORDER American but sometime the laws are so onerous as to to deny people (usually the young) the right to an opportunity for forgiveness.  There will be those who will do it again and then they should pay the high cost of low living BUT 1st time drug offenders are NOT murderers or child rapists and as such should NOT have to pay the ultimate price of LIFE!