Planned Parenthood doing what they do best....helping anyone who wants to murder a baby to do so! UPDATE!!!

I was reading Michelle Malkin and she has done extensive reporting on this young lady Lila Rose…

When I say extensive I mean EXTENSIVE

Today Lila Rose has done it again she EXPOSED the Indiana Planned Parenthood not only helping the “13” year old girl to lie about the “31” year old father….which is child rape in Indiana BUT the Planned Parenthood GRIM REAPER also circled on a paper to show this “13” year old where to go overstate lines with her “31” year old boyfriend to get the abortion done!

The latest GRIM REAPER caught on tape doing all she can to KILL that baby!

I cannot quite comprehend the deviancies in these people…were they hated as children? do they despise babies?….what is their motivation? It has to be just straight up EVIL…

Grim Reaper

Lest we forget Planned Parenthood was on tape a few times last year accepting DONATIONS strictly for MINORITIES….that right Messiah, your beloved Planned Parenthood is attempting to kill your own kind…..I mean in the 1960’s blacks made up 28 percent of the population they now make up 17 percent…BECAUSE THEY ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE in their communities…..Planned Parenthood places themselves in their communities in higher numbers than anywhere else except Latino communities….THAT’S RIGHT HISPANICS ARE NEXT IN LINE FOR THE GRIM REAPER!

Planned Parenthood apologizes for accepting MONEY just to kill BLACK babies!

They are quite profitable KILLING….they had over 1 BILLION dollars in 2007!

It pays to be a mercenary just ask Planned Parenthood!

UPDATE per Michelle Malkin

The GRIM REAPER has been suspended SHE SHOULD GO JAIL