Lets have a discussion about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION shall we?

Let’s just start with Mexico’s law with regards to illegals in their country shall we?

You better be worthy or NO and you better be in the country LEGALLY or you are in for quite a NASTY TIME!

There was a post this weekend with regards to illegal’s and how the Republican Party lost the vote of Hispanics, (real nice of everyone to lump those of brown skin all together like that) because of their racist views on illegal’s. My son’s girlfriend is Cuban and she specifically HATEs being lumped together with the word HISPANIC she finds that to be racist!

This law and order American believes that we have wonderful and exciting people who join our mixing bowl of society. They wait, they wait, and they fill out paperwork upon paperwork to FINALLY come to the best COUNTRY this globe has to offer. So we as a country should say to those who did not follow the prior procedure “well you snuck into our HOUSE and you should now be rewarded?” I think NOT and I am not the only one who thinks not.

The bigger issue with our border of course is those we would NOT want in our country and to pretend that it is just hard working Mexican’s who are law abiding (already broke a law) sneaking into our country is to be a LIAR and endangering the lives of American citizen’s. Now these “hard workers” from not just Mexico but El Salvador and on and on have broken one law and then proceed to break another…that’s right IDENTITY THEFT…and when you have now broken a couple of our laws WE now are going to say “that’s ok you made it here you are now legal”….BS!

The United States of America is a country of laws and a country with boundaries and neither of those is being enforced by those we elect to represent US….I am quite sure that in the greater scheme of things they are probably hardworking and quite honest BUT who would know that? in that a couple of laws WE AMERICANS hold near and dear have already been broken. I do not lay the blame at the feet of just the illegal’s OH NO…lets talk about companies that knowingly hire ILLEGALS and the Republicans who support them. That’s right the Chamber of Commerce in every state were salivating over that potential bill McCain-Kennedy because they thought they would reap the rewards as they had already of paying people the barest minimum wage for jobs that Americans wouldn’t do for that wage….LET’S BE CLEAR THERE ARE JOBS THAT AMERICANS WILL NOT TAKE BECAUSE THE WAGES ARE NOT COMPARITIVE TO THE GROSSES THE COMPANY WILL REAP! ie: jobs Americans will do but jobs Americans will not accept SLAVE LABOR WAGES for!

It occurs to me that the first and foremost issue in regards to this dilemma that politicians and WE THE PEOPLE are engaged in would be our safety…I know that Senator McCain said “I will build the G*dan fence”….but there doesn’t seem to be any proof that it is occurring and I say to myself when I read stories such as below these MURDEROUS people are literally over the border and surely we can have an orderly process and know that they will not CROSS our porous border and do the same to Americans RIGHT? WRONG because these stories are every day and MS-13 has done these exact types of murders in our country for years. It tends to make one think that our politicians do not have our best interests at heart….THAT IS WHAT I THINK!

The madman is at your doorstep are you going to answer the door? If not why would you let your politicians answer it?

OH and please anyone responding do NOT say this is an isolated incident because it is NOT….not in Mexico and NOT here….and if you would just take the time to visit the actual internet and pull up STORY AFTER STORY AFTER STORY you as well will see that this is indeed the SAD story of our OPEN BORDERS policy….oh and please DO NOT REFER TO ANYONE WHO AGREES WITH THIS POST IN A WAY THAT IMPLYS THEY ARE RACIST….so now lets discuss shall we?