Tulsa Today explains that it was not the story they ran that shut down their service :rolls eyes:

So a site that has never had any issue’s with their service provider prior to this story on President Elect Imitation Christ oh excuse Obama’s birth certificate suddenly had denial of service from their provider.

Now I don’t buy into conspiracy theories as a rule either BUT it’s not like the Tulsa Today is the first site in the last 2 years to see themselves lose service when a story is run that is unappealing to The One….

Shouldn’t a birth certificate be one of the first things required to show when you run for President?

I don’t know what the problem seems to be with this man coughing up what all of us have to cough up for any type of ID for driving or many other things in our life and really why is he playing a cat and mouse game with it. Good Lord just give it to the courts and end the game.

Berg being a Democrat is not going to let this go and he has two cases that will either be heard or not by the Supreme’s….I love the story!

It is compelling I must admit because the Obama campaign has literally done NOTHING to address it……well that is pretty much how they ran their entire campaign “that is a distraction”….”that is taken out of context”…so I am glad that this guy Berg is still being a pain in their collective you know what!

So if Berg can continue to nip at The Messiah’s heels I MUST in good conscience do a diary on it….it’s the only CIVIL thing to do!