Do you continue to give a person a fish or do you teach that person to fish?

From the diaries by Erick.

I cannot express enough how I feel that Michael Steele is the man for the job at the RNC. That he has the vision of conservatism that I myself have. That he does not see your color but your greatness. Michael Steele has made himself clear on many issues the greatest being small government and Constitutional Judges to send the social issues that are greatest back to We the People of these United States. He has not faltered nor has he changed his mind of what Conservatism means since losing his bid for the Senate in 2006.

He has shown through every interview that he will not be swayed by the issue dujour of the moment and will not be wishy-washy in his Conservatism. He is what we need right here right now to get this party back to basics from which we have traveled so far from.

I know that everyone has a choice I am just putting out there who mine happens to be. I think he is a youthful Fred Thompson to be honest with you all. He says the same things and is unafraid to speak to the Conservative base of the party….he is not PC and that is what WE need.`