Kathleen Parker the devil we know taking on a GOD she doesn't (UPDATE)

I can never quite stress enough as not being part of the Religious Right how very offensive I find those who attempt to demean and degrade those who are.

GOD is not the problem Kathleen, hate, envy, jealousy are. 92 percent of Americans believe in GOD Kathleen , did you know that?

Kathleen Parker has a most unusual HATE for those who openingly acknowledge their GOD and their religion and I for one am puzzled by that. I suspect it comes in the form of jealousy or envy for those who exalt in their religion being the happiest people I know. I suspect she is quite hollow in her soul and as such feels the need to demean others to prop up her ego. I for one have enjoyed National Review over the years as a conservative and I suspect Kathleen Parker knows her days are limited and she needs another outlet. She has most assuredly found such a place at the Washington Post. I do know that she is probably ignorant of the fact that the Post is going to be going away much more quickly as they cannot seem to keep up their readership…PITY THAT (NOT)

Only 635K people will read your tripe Kathleen out of a country of 300 million…think about that!

Now as for the Republican Party WE are three legs of a stool and anyone who says otherwise can join another party. WE will win back what has been lost by sticking to the tried and true. Small government, less taxes, GREAT defense AKA the best damn MILITARY in the UNIVERSE, and social issue’s such as abortion BACK TO THE STATES! WE are a party of three and will win with all three BUT we cannot kick a leg of the stool out or WE shall surely be a minority for decades to come!


I said I would come back and update this story on Kathleen Parker and seeing her name in Newsbusters today reminded me of the call I wanted to make…

She is simply a very sad and pathetic individual and I would suggest she make the little leap over to her true roots of liberalism and stop calling herself a CONSERVATIVE

When I wrote this post I had spoken with Jack Fowler over at National Review and he said at that time they would be taking a look at all who grace their pages and National Review on-line. I just followed up with him and he said “Kathleen Parker has NEVER been an employee of nor paid by National Review that NRO plucked 6-7 of her articles as they have with Krauthhammer”

He assured that they ARE MAKING THIS CUT TO PUTTING HER OP-EDs on NRO…..that he has heard an earful over this woman.

so that was what I waiting for to update this post and there you have it. The National Review folks are not in the business of going out of business on one little TART who dismisses the very BASE of their readership!