First test of lessons learned in this election!

Well looky here WE have our first test of whether Republicans are the party of Democrats with an R after their name or are Conservatives with an R after their name….

Whiney Harry Reid wants Republicans to HELP with passing another BAILOUT!

Well Senator McConnell what is it going to be? the standard NEW TONE that has you even further in the minority or will you show some BACKBONE for a change and say HELL NO!

You see Senator there is this little thing called small government and each and every time you and your (supposed) Republican friends GIVE IN to the lying sleazy Democrats YOU ALL PAY THE PRICE….Does the 700 billion dollar bailout ring any bells for you.

Redstate friends I encourage you all to contact Senator McConnell and tell him to JUST SAY NO! all future bailouts that cost the American public more and more money ought to just come from the SPENDY Democrats because that will be the only way for Republicans to take back many, many lost seats.

He is the minority LEADER so please call him and tell him how to be a CONSERVATIVE!