MNGOP calling for help for Norm Coleman in his fight for HIS Senate Seat!


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So I am not a huge Norm Coleman fan….yeah, yeah he is a Republican fighting in a Blue State….whatever.

So let me start anew, Norm Coleman NEEDS your help in fighting the Democrats who are attempting to STEAL a Senate seat they LOST and they are despicable for it….for that reason and that reason ALONE I ask you all to support getting him some money to fight these pikers. I donated $25.00 and $5.00 to the MN GOP and I gave them the five because any blue state that wants to rebuild a GOP I want to support. No doubt the MN GOP has a large task in rebuiding but if we don’t help them they will not be there to fight.

If we are going to purge and rebuild than we must start with the funds to do so….and there is no reason to go broke doing it….$5.00 here or $10.00 there when you have it to give SHOWS that we will not go down without a fight in ANY state in this beautiful country of ours.

Norm Coleman NEEDS your help and if you despise the Democrats as I do you will help!