Our first insight into the fact that America is a CENTER RIGHT country!

I have to say the bright spot in the this election cycle has been the PROOF we Conservatives needed that we are still a CENTER RIGHT Country, the redefining of marriage amendments being voted for in AZ, FLA, and by today CA….that it is even close in CA tells you the status of this CENTER RIGHT country.

The message to Conservatives is simple the Conservative message and values are what Republicans need to stand for. Do not allow yourselves to be railroaded into signing onto any legislation that futher’s government growth. Vote against these proposals. Show American’s that you are committed to NO earmarks….stop being pigs! Reagan NEVER ran from his ideals and won two terms and worked with a Democrat Congress because they are American ideals.

There will be another 3rd of the Senate up for re-election in 2010 and if those Republican Senators want to KEEP their seats they need to act like the Conservatives they say they are while they are running. I personally look at the voting record for the first 3 years not the last 3 years.

We can take back the Congress in 2 scant years by letting the Democrats IMPLODE on spending….DO NOT be a part of that spending and you stand a good chance of getting your jobs BACK if you choose to play nice (NEW TONE) with the Democrats you will be sent back home with those who lost their jobs this go round!

My suggestion to Republicans in Congress is to do what your base expects of you NOT the Democrats and the media wing of the Democrat Party expects of you!