Standard and Poor has just realized what we always knew the NY Times is JUNK!

Well my friends it has now come to pass that those in the “know” have realized what the rest of this country (not elites around the world) always knew…THE NEW YORK TIMES IS JUNK!

It’s really the simple things in life that makes your day!

The New York Times has been a POX on America from the beginning and all of these years people would still call it the paper of record….that record is horrifying.

They have had journalist’s who have lied and by doing so caused massive deaths for years

They threatened our own governments ability to track terrorist’s in 2005 in keeping with their record of hate for actual morals and survival.

If we can’t hear them than they can kill us

I could go on but these 2 examples are 2 of thousands of articles they have written that have exposed our governments secrets but held the secrets of governments that were slaughtering their citizens.

The New York Times is more than JUNK they are traitorous and should have been brought down long ago BUT it is satisfying that they have DONE them ownselves IN…..BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!