Congressman Tim Mahoney (D-Fla) PIMPING out his girlfriend!

So if it were not for ABC’s Blotter page WE the public of the United States of America would never have known that Mahoney

The only PROOF you will ever need to show the media is in the TANK for the Dems!

  • had a mistress

  • had a second mistress

  • pimped out his first mistress

  • used campaign cash to payoff the mistress

  • is being investigated by the FBI

It is SO VERY SICKENING how the media wing of the Democrat Party has not had this story cover to cover and I just cannot begin to think of what to do.

This CANNOT continue to stand anymore…..there must be a means to FORCE them to report this story….it was Edward’s first so that he could continue to run and DEFRAUD his contributors, knowing eventually the story would come out BUT this is just BLATANT BIAS and I am so DISGUSTED by the media silence that I WANT the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE instituted when McCain/Palin wins the WH for the MSM and only the MSM.

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