You are home and a Felon breaks in what rights will you have under The One

The NRA has a GREAT ad about Barack Obama today and we all know WE here love our Second Amendment….Obama has voted 4 times in the IL Senate so that you cannot have a weapon in your house to protect your family…..funny how that is the same number of times he voted to save the life of a baby who survived an abortion (MURDER) attempt….he is nothing if not consistant in his killing the rights of Americans.

I know me personally I think everyone should go out in the last days of this election and make sure they exercise their right to own a weapon…..and of course support the NRA because as O’Reilly would say “they are looking out for you”

Because there is nothing like criminals being unsure who owns a weapon in their home

The Master Gateway Pundit has a better take on this story and additional information

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