Our beloved gamecock and Redstate got a lot of discussion on PBS's website!

I had the pleasure of reading about RedState and one of my top 5 diarist here…the irrepressible gamecock. The article also chats with a Redstate front pager Soren Dayton and it was exciting to put faces to names.

If you have spent anytime here you know if a diary is coming from gamecock it is first off intellectually stimulating but it is usually provocative and makes you think and isn’t that exactly what conservative sites are all about?

RedState took me by surprise when I found it…no cussing…that was a tough one 🙂 BUT in that 1.5 years here with the help of gamecock and others I have been able to put aside a lot of anger and argue with calmness and most importantly sense and that is how WE will win the day……do not get me wrong here, I get pretty darn fired up when it comes to our BELOVED Military and that won’t change no matter what site I hit.

So with great anticipation that I know you all have to read about gamecock…..here it is!

PBS talks with gamecock and Soren and about the best RIGHT site on the web RedState!

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