Positivity and the bah humbugs that are infecting this site!

I have seen alot of negativity from Trolls, Moby’s and some long time posters. My suggestion is for those who have been here if you have nothing to add to win than say nothing. This is not the time nor the place for bucking up the Democrat lying racist party. There are sites just for your type of “help” they are Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.

I will have to guess you are watching to much MSM or reading your local trash of a paper and not getting your feet on the ground or making phone calls for the Republican Candidate. You are buying into the Democratic oversampled polls and you for whatever reason want to bemoan the state of affairs.

I have seen some blame Sarah Palin the pitbull that has energized the base in a way the John McCain could not. I personally am working the phones and I am knocking on doors and I am committed to this election. There are 3 weeks left and if you cannot get on board and do SOMETHING besides whine than do not bring your pessimism to this site.

This election will not be won by the Imitation Christ and his Chicago style politics….I need only remind you all the time that the world and the leftist in 2004 could not believe how stupid 50+ million Americans were to elect George W Bush again. The reason he was elected again by the American people is because WE AMERICANS do not and will not elect a hard core liberal to the Presidency. We did it once with Jimmy Carter and learned our lesson. William Jefferson Clinton was a moderate Democrat and that is why he won twice.

Let me be clear…..IF you have nothing positive and if you are doing NOTHING to advance the cause of the conservative, Republican cause….. HOLD YOUR TONGUE!