Senator John McCain a plea from an American

I know sir that you did not want to question Barack’s 20 years in a racist church BUT I am begging you and your campaign to do so. This church and it’s members enjoyed and reveled in that WHITEY and how bad WHITEY is comments made by Rev. Wright. If you want to win this election as we want you to win you will use Barack Obama’s own words on the audio from his book juxtaposed with Wright, Flegher and thier hateful and racist’s comments.

Senator McCain you asked us to fight for you! and this video with Baracks words would be fighting for us. If this had been a white liberation church and you sat there for 20 years you would not even be the candidate for President.

Because in Barack’s eyes being white is a sin

There are so many more instances in his book that as a person you would be shocked and offended. That this man is this close to the Presidency is beyond disgusting. This is not who should be in charge of America and our beloved troops.

If there is a 527 that needs funds to get this video made and out to all the states please just post here and you will see the money you need to call out these racist’s.