Polls and the lying liars who manipulate them to affect a Presidential Election

I have seen some discussion today on two polls that have Barack Obama in a double digit lead in VA. I am here to discuss these polls because one of them had 269 Democrats out of 600 participants and what does that say? That 44 percent of those questioned were Democrats in a state that George Bush carried by 8 percent.


Than the second one asked 666 likely voters and the Democrats are represented by 39 percent and Republicans by 30 percent AGAIN in a REDSTATE that George Bush won by 8 percent.

SurveyUSA is a bogus polling organization anyway but here are the crosstabs

The funniest part of the SurveyUSA poll is that 39 percent of Democrats consider themselves moderate….what a joke.

The lesson here my friends is DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!