Dixie Chick or Whiney Brat?

It would appear that Ms. Parker did not appreciate the backlash she received for making a poor judgement call on Gov. Palin. I say poor judgement call because Ms. Parker did not like the way the Gov responded to Katie Couric….Katie Couric the liberalist female in the MSM who had the ability to cut that interview anyway she wanted.

Ms. Parker ought to have given the Governor the benefit of the doubt until the debate to make an actual judgement in that she does not know the Governor.

Today Ms. Parker is calling all of us out here who disagreed with her Stalinist…yes that is right you little stalinist right wingers…..I laugh at her “poor little me” and if she is correct and she is a Dixie Chick than I hope the NRO has the good sense to let her go because….well….you don’t hear about those Dixie Chicks anymore….now do you?

A little whine with that cheese Ms. Parker?