A time to lead and a time to follow!

Conservatives, Republicans and like minded Individuals. I have called for NO bailout all week on this site and many more. I see a man in McCain who I never wanted to support give me a reason to support him with the Palin pick.

I see today a Senator who has NEVER put an earmark in a bill for his state, who despises the Wall Street Elite a POPULIST if you will come before us to head back to his job NOW which is in the Senate to work with Conservatives and Republicans who cannot support this BAILOUT to give him a chance to work a solution that is tolerable.

Senator McCain I would ask that you ensure that there be no acceptance of NO REVIEW….that is a dealbreaker….no one person should have that amount of power over our money!

I ask that the CEO’s who created these failed institutions leave without large compensations….they ought to feel lucky to get out without going to JAIL.

There should be no limit on pay for performance for future CEO’s that is socialistic….if your company is making money than you ought to be paid for making that company money….that sir is a FREE MARKET!…(schools would work well under such a plan).

I would like it Senator McCain if these bad debts are not bought for pennies on the dollar BUT 50 cent pieces on the dollar to keep the dollar amount as low as possible.

I call on all of you to get behind Senator McCain as he wades in the deep end of the pool to save the dying mortgage/banking industry as only a WARRIOR can do and for Country First! I believe if we support him just as we have opposed this bill WE The People can get a bill that recognizes there is a crisis BUT does not overplay the “sky is falling” aspect. We are smart enough to recognize SOMETHING must be done BUT we are NOT so dumb as to accept whatever the Congress wants to RAM through.

I would finally ask the Senator to keep US the American people engaged in this debate and if it something that you sir would find palatable for the people you represent for Arizona than more than likely it is something we can find palatable.

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