The best reason to vote McCain/Palin they will call this war on terror what it is!

You see Barackus Obamaus is unwilling to offend his muslim faithful by using the words Islamic Extremism….I don’t care what side of the fence you sit on this is what we are fighting all around the world. They have defaced their religion and they use their religion to continue to kill anyone. They don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian or Jewish they will KILL you to advance their ideology.

To PC this murderous group of Islamist’s is to leave us open to another 9-11. We in America never thought twice of these people, it never occurred to the average American that when Osama Bin Laden said he was at WAR with us that well he MEANT it. We thought to ourselves they just wished they could hurt us that it was just over there. We thought that yes we must protect our closest ally in that region Israel but we never envisioned the horror that they in Israel faced every day coming to our shores. WE WERE WRONG!

To remind everyone what PC looks like today one need only look at CAIR they are lauded by politicians as the “moderate” arm of Muslims and represent the real Muslims and ignore those organizations that really are moderate.

To remind you all that CAIR is not a moderate anything they are just the people in the trojan horse I give you their Executive Director Nihad Awad

““We should not blame the Muslims for taking part in the political process, and we should not blame the United States alone for the 11 September 2001 attacks, but we should also blame the perpetrators.”

TO THEM WE ARE TO BLAME FOR 9-11.CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood and they are part of a larger network that supports Jihad

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