Trials and tribulations and a Servants Heart!

As a conservative I never questioned my desires in regards to identity politics. I find though as a woman that I identify with both Governor Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain and I know millions upon millions of women will as well.

I start with Sarah because she is the Vice Presidential candidate…she like myself never questioned whether we were different than boys; we would both have been called tomboys…now she hunted and fished but then she was in Alaska. I climbed trees and beat the crap out of little boys for fun and basically was the neighborhood bully 🙂 being from Dundalk, MD it was a rough and tumble environment and you needed to show you could take it and give it…..she and I were fearless.

She and I both played basketball…she obviously better than I but I won the city championship in the 100 yard dash as running was my bigger sport.

We both married young and had children young and it appears we both needed to work to help support our families as most couples who are not independently wealthy do. I chose night work because my husband worked IT during the day. We both made it work for our families because that is what a family does. We did not have to QUESTION our love for our families for the decisions that we made…we just LIVED our lives and have done the best that WE along with our HUSBANDS could do for our children. Sarah has done much more in that she decided to CHANGE the things she did not find appealing in the public domain and went the extra mile to fix those things by running first for the PTA…I was a member of the PTA but was not driven to do more than participate, but she DID and than ran for Mayor and onto Governor. I applaud her and I thank her for making those choices not because she is a woman but because she chose to serve the public to make necessary changes in her home state.

I bring Cindy McCain up as well because while she was endowed with wealth bequeathed to her from her HARD working father she showed she is just as HUMAN as those who have nothing…..she became addicted to prescription drugs….I myself after many surgeries for cancer did so as well. She is an inspiration to many people in recovery. She walks the walk and has made her amends but the Washington Post did an article today to try to malign her however the women I spoke with tonight at my Friday meeting found them to be arrogant in their judgment of her disease and to someone with whom millions around the world can identify with. She has made her peace with God and is now living her life as I do one day at a time with dignity and humility and a SERVANTS HEART. Cindy McCain does God’s work consistently around the world with her money when she does not have to. I volunteer for Soldiers Angels and animal organizations…..because when you receive grace and humbleness it is then your turn to give back in some way.

I would remind the Washington Post that the President of these United States is an alcoholic and lives his life in sobriety daily and speaks to those groups of people just like him because addiction doesn’t care if you are rich or poor or the President of the United States it is the equalizer in life.

These women, these Americans, this President have more in common with the majority of America than Barack Obama could ever hope to have. They are US and we are THEM.

I share this because the story of these two women are the stories of millions of women and men and the MSM better get a clue that we do indeed as Americans support these women for the example that they give to ALL Americans. They are not phony, they do not pretend to be more than they are and their stories are the stories that we all can identify with in part or in whole because if it is not part of your story it is part of a family members story. The pregnant teenager, the child with downs syndrome, the husband with physical ailments and addictions whether alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. bad things happen to good people all the time it is the dignity in which people deal with it that makes us the caring, loving nation we are.

When these two families speak of victory they speak of victory over life’s hardest times and victory of the men and women that our Congress and President sent to war not victory of an election.

We are indeed BLESSED this election cycle to have REAL humans to look to not POLITICIANS who will say anything and do anything to get to the most powerful position in the world who only uses the word victory when speaking of himself. We know more about the humbleness and gratefulness of the McCains and Palins in a shorter period of time than we know of THE ONE in 19 months of campaigning.