Thank you Senator McCain for being a Maverick and making an unexpected pick.

I have to say that I have not been this excited by a VP pick since Cheney. I as a woman did NOT need the VP to be a woman and as and American Indian I did NOT need the pick to be a minority. I as a Conservative NEEDED the pick to be a Conservative. I have read up on Gov. Sarah Palin in the last few hours and am impressed beyond my wildest dreams.

I have not been a McCain fan and I was literally supporting him because Obama is the WORST kind of liberal a fascist liberal. I love my country, I love my military, and he has not shown me he loves either. I have respected John McCain for his humbleness and graciousness in winning the Republican primary whereas Obama has shown neither….he believes he DESERVES it and I am here to tell him he does not.

To Governor Palin I say WELL DONE! Great wife and mother and with an 80 percent approval rating in her state obviously a GREAT Governor. I appreciated her graciousness in mentioning Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton in her speech this afternoon. Like Senator McCain she has raised the level of discourse in this election which is not something that can be said of the other side. I personally like a knock down drag out election process BUT I also am proud when Republicans show the other side respect EVEN knowing it will not be returned.

I want to again Thank Senator John McCain for giving Conservatives and in the same pick the Religious Right something to be excited about. WELL PLAYED SIR, well played.