For the media so loved John Edwards that they will disparage the other woman.

The media since Edwards’s admission have been nothing if not on the STORY….but the story they are peddling is how a great man like Edwards could be taken in by a tramp like his mistress. Now I am not taking this woman’s side because she knew this letch was married and chose to lay down with him anyway. I could have told her “when you lay down with dogs you get fleas”. I do not know this woman but the media wing of the Democrat party is going to frame her for you and me.

If Daddy hadn’t been a bad boy perhaps I wouldn’t fall for bad boys

I hang with the crazy people which is how I met John Edwards

These stories go on and on….they have played out on all the morning shows and the defining meme is that poor little John Edwards with his sick and dying wife couldn’t help himself from this she-devil. I call foul on the media for ignoring it and then spinning it to protect John Edwards. They have been more trampish and sleazy than this woman could ever be or that they could ever portray her to be.