This letter is not targeted any public servant in particular. My hope that in this Christmas and Hanukkah season, when life focuses around our individual families and blessings, it will trigger in all public servants who read it, a pause and cause for reflection.

While “Global Warming” was a good primer, for people across the world, to clamor for a green God (Government) to bring us salvation from our sins, or face the impending doom of life on a “planet with a fever”, today the new fashionable term is “sustainability”. And it is all encompassing.

Sustainability is the next step in the green government religion, to mandate what statists want, at the local level.

It is undeniable, that the Rahm Emmanuel’s ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ concept, is driving this latest assault on all aspects of our private lives.

All you need are a few of willing $cientists and ‘experts’ to testify that, _______ is a problem, which is not sustainable. Ergo, Government is now morally justified and obligated to take action for the greater good, and legislate new mandates at the local level.

The Great Prohibition is back, new and improved for the 21st Century, living in the “cloud” as a “Virtual Amendment”, and it now prohibits anything and everything falls under it’s limitless authority, to accomplish social change. Nothing is out of it’s reach. Plastic shopping bag bans, mandates to have toxic mercury-laden curly bulbs. Outlawing 100 watt bulbs on Jan1st 2012. Calorie counts on menus, Ethanol in gasoline. Banning oil drilling & fracking, mandating solar farms, and windmills, banning lead in bullets, forcing one to buy health insurance (obamacare). The list is endless.

To wit, locally on Long Island, it is the perceived “threat to our underground aquifer” that is the new ‘crisis’, hence the latest driving a force to mandate new personal water consumption habits. All individuals need to be forced off their private wells and hooked to a single source provider, The “Water Authority”, so we can be better regulated by our all benevolent green God; In Government we Trust!

Since “Sustainability” is the new politically fashionable term, I submit to you the sober, undeniable Truth: The reality is, Government is not sustainable.
Government spending is not sustainable.
Government deficits are not sustainable.
Government growth is not sustainable.
Government’s behavior to reflexively pass restrictive legislation on everything real or imagined, is not sustainable.

When you are among your government peers, I wonder what percentage of legislation you consider, is restrictive and punitive, and how much legislation is liberating to the individual citizen?

Every day across this great nation, when a government body comes into session, a new personal liberty is lost to a mandate.
That is clearly not sustainable.

How many more new laws can we the People, sustain, before our elected representative, Servants of the People, have successfully shackled us into serfdom, and become our Rulers?

To remain “sustainable”, governments had better take a lesson from nature,
for Sustainability is the talent of the parasite.


Jacques Ditte

“all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while the evils are sufferable,
than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
— Declaration of Independence. 1776