(State Senator Ken LaValle, NY Republican/ Conservative)

Dear Senator LaValle,
I just received your email (transcript below) regarding your “celebration” of the government solar panel project on long island, where you describe “green energy” as “the blueprint to our nation’s future.”

As you know I am a great supporter of yours. However the construction of the largest solar panel array on long island, is a shinning behemoth of government waste. It’s stuns me that your are caught up in the green stampede of stupidity.

Whether the money came from the Feds, the State, or the County, the cost is ultimately born by the private sector and people like me.
Please tell me Senator, what is the return on investment of such a boondoggle? What is the cost per watt, on this government white elephant?

Of course no government project is complete without an ample new staff of new government employees and their obscene benefits which will be paid by further picking our pockets by threat of law. How much will I be paying for these new managers of this shinning accomplishment of government ingenuity.

Senator it saddens me to see you cheering this absurdity and buying into the ‘green sustainability’ politically correct movement.

Government did not invent the oil well. Private enterprising Americans did. The Government did not create the iphone, though it did mandate the taxes for it, and the iphone did not require one dime of federal tax credits or subsidies to entice people to buy them.

However government is responsible for Ethanol which requires federal subsidies for people to buy it and consequently causing corn prices (a food staple) to rise exponentially. The brilliant Chevy Electric Volt with a range of 27 miles at a cost of 50 thousand dollars, is another great government accomplishment.

Much to it’s credit Government did build a nuclear power plant in Shoreham . It was supposed to cost millions according to the government, yet ended up costing billions of taxpayer dollars. It was shutdown before it even opened, by the Government. Result you and I are paying a monthly 120% monthly surcharge, making our electricity the costliest in the nation.

Nuclear energy is sustainable energy. Oil drilling and pipelines are sustainable reliable energy. And they are all provided by the PRIVATE sector, and they instantly propelled our nation to become the greatest most prosperous nation on earth. Our Greatness is sustainable, but government pilled on the taxes, the regulations the mandates, the restrictions on exploration drilling and building nuclear plants.

Result we are now paying $4/gallon for gasoline with over 40 EPA mandated Basskin-Robins blends.

As a public servant, Mr. LaValle I respectfully ask you re-evaluate what you believe the role of government should be. May I suggest you find the answer by re-reading the Constitution, starting with the Declaration of Independence.
You are not our providers. Your are not our nannies nor our rulers. Your job is paid for by me and my millions of fellow New Yorkers. You govern only at our consent.

So please return to your founding principles that have guided you well in the past. The values you possess that have made you an accomplished decent representative of the people.

Please focus on legislation that works to RESTORE our INDIVIDUAL liberties instead of finding ways to put more shackles on us. Focus on legislation to remove the impediments and taxes your fellow servants have placed on business.

But asking us to cheer for another wasteful government project, is nothing short of insulting.

Have a Great Thanksgiving. If you want your turkey to be cooked in time for your dinner, I suggest you don’t gamble on a sunny day, to get those solar panels fired up to keep your oven running.
Try sustainable gas or electric ovens (powered by coal or oil). Your family will thank you for it 🙂


Jacques Ditte
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Senator LaValle’s email:

Dear Friend,

Last Friday, I joined representatives from Brookhaven National Laboratory, LIPA and BP Solar to celebrate the completion and commissioning of the Long Island Solar Farm (LISF) Project. The site is adjacent to Brookhaven National Lab.

The LISF installation is part of the largest solar energy project in the state of New York, the largest photovoltaic array in the eastern U.S., and among the largest in the nation constructed on federal property.

The 32-megawatt (MW) LISF, which is made up of 164,312 solar panels hosted at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory, also boasts the smallest footprint for a solar array of its output, further solidifying Long Island as a national leader in clean, renewable energy.

The blueprint for our nation’s energy future – green energy – and the jobs and new businesses it will create is being tested and implemented right here in the First Senate District.

Sites such as the LISF attract investments from public and private sources, create jobs, encourage collaboration between agencies, and help to strengthen America’s energy security and deploy clean energy resources.

Please join me in congratulating our neighbors, the scientists and researchers at Brookhaven National Lab, the installers and technicians and all those that helped create LISF.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Ken LaValle
NY State Senator
First Senate District