As the media now is starting to focus on the ‘human right abuses’ in the little kingdom of Bahrain, the pieces of the Middle Eastern puzzle of unrest are coming together and the picture is becoming clear.

The Obama regime has now clarified it’s up-to-now, puzzling Middle Eastern policy, of meddling in Libya, and Egypt.

The only logical deduction one can make, is that  the Obama regime is encouraging the overthrow of the Middle East.

The total disruption of oil from that region is the goal. This will propel oil to $200 a barrel or possibly more.

This crisis will not go to waste. Obama will have the perfect distraction and alibi for his disastrous economy for his 2012 reelection, which will further validate his push for more windmills and solar panels.

Obama’s overthrow of Egypt’s Murbarak to help the “democratic will of the people” has started the domino effect of spontaneous protests throughout the Middle Eastern Kingdoms.  His pathetic plea to the reach out the Egyptian populace,”people  of Egypt we hear you..”  reminiscent of George Bush’s historic megaphone outcry on the ruins of the Towers, has led to an unrest and windfall opportunity, not even Obama could have imagined at the time.

However by now bombing the despicable Quaddafi, and now threatening Bahrain, it is clear the new policy of the Obama regime is the total destruction of Middle Eastern nations and possibly squeezing Israel out of existence. Yes it is hard to believe and surreal to see, that we are helping Iran, and arming Al Quaida,  and the Muslim brotherhood to achieve this goal.

The official White House/CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC/ NYT narrative will be that Obama did all he could to lessen our dependence on ‘foreign oil’, and he was out in front in trying to “stop the unrest” in the Middle East.

The great uniter, is fomenting  the Middle Eastern Caliphate and collapse of Western Democracies and the United States.

Indeed praise our glorious leader and Quaddafi’s son, “Baraka Hussein Abu oumama”, for HE is the one we were waiting for!

Therefore  if all the dominos continue to fall as planned, Obama will appear to have been the wise one all along. We can no longer live our lives with the carefree freedom we once enjoyed. It will be time to reorganize and have governments rule our lives and lifestyles by controlling our behavior and rationing our consumption, especially the use of that evil oil.

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