Obama: Community Organizing the Middle East

With a desperate attempt to shape history, Obama rushed to capitalize and insert himself in the middle of the Egyptian unrest. With a pathetic emulation of George W. Bush standing with a megaphone on the rubble of the Twin towers, Obama in full God like reverb, assured the people of Egypt “We hear you, the rest of the world hears you…” and in a flash, Mubarak was forced out, and 30 years of stability have now vanished.

Sadly, Jimmy Carter’s solitary accomplishment, the Camp David peace accords, between Egypt and Israel are suddenly as irrelevant as our current President.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood, with the help of Iran and some Al Quaida support, will start the real revolution. Egypt will quite likely face a fundamentalist Islamic takeover.

Geographically, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait UAE and of course Israel will be surrounded by an Ayatollah led Egypt to the West and to the East by Iran. A perfect squeeze play.

As Obama’s vision of Egyptian Hope and change morphs into chaos, decapitations and Sharia law, our man-child will promptly reset his laser like focus on American jobs and the Economy.

Should the flow of oil through the Suez canal be in jeopardy, our warships will be noticeably absent giving the Russians their just turn to control the region, we unfairly patrolled during our years as a lone superpower.

Obama fell into the perfect trap. Of course the Kool-Aid drinking obamatons, only see the media narrative ,that the people of Egypt just wanted Democracy.

My friends, this is not Democracy in action. It is history repeating itself, in action. Chaos of biblical proportions is likely to befall the Middle East as the real Islamic revolution begins, now that Mubarak is out of the way.

Oil supply disruption. Overthrow of Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries. Israel in an even more dire predicament are just some of the exciting scenarios that could play out.

But worry not, our glorious visionary leader will save the day. Thanks to the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, our rainbow military moral, is now at an all time high! Meanwhile exciting 40 mile range electric cars, plans for high speed rail, curly mercury bulbs and other green economic marvels will surely propel our economy to new heights of near 80% employment