Did 19 Muslims burn Korans on 9-11-2001?

by Jacques Ditte

As the threat of a  “Koran burning”  turned into a Category 5  media-hysteria storm, I suddenly wondered about the protocol regarding the disposing of a Koran. Being a devout Judeo-Christian ( aka “infidel”) and not being versed in the rules regarding the destruction or disposal of a Koran, I wondered if there was a precedent regarding instances of Koran burning, and wondered further, if Q’rans had ever been set a-flame on any September 11th?

Indeed, the desecration of any holy instrument is repugnant.  Hopefully, the indescribable horror of Americans having to witness graphic images of countless pages of arabic scripture curling away and turning to ash from the deliberate flame of a match, will not soon be seared into our minds as a painful reminder of our insensitivity toward this religion.

Therefore, I sincerely put out  the following question. On September 11th, 2001, did the 19 hijackers carry a copy of the “Holy Qu’ran” with them, when they few 4 planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the fields of Pennsylvania killing 3,000 innocent Americans?  If so, I would have to reasonably assume that those 19 Korhans would have been burned in the resulting conflagrations.

Do suicide bombers carry Qurans with them when they walk into a busy shopping center and detonate themselves in the name of Allah?

In the hope towards better understanding of this “religion of peace”, I legitimately ask: Is Quoran burning appropriate, only when you are killing yourself along with other innocents around you? Or is it the responsibility to keep the Holy Kuran in a safe place, say in your soon-to-be-former home when you walk out that special day to meet the 72 virgins in the name of Allah?

Perhaps Islamic experts could instruct us on the appropriate protocol. I understand the Imam who wants to build the mosque near the ruins of the former towers would be knowledgeable in this area, as would the current President of the United States, who himself proudly boasts of his  Islamic schooling. As both are quite competent in this field,  and perhaps they would be willing to provide answers to these burning questions?