Hundreds of Suffolk County 9-12 tea party members sing “God Bless America” and march in The Southampton 4th of July Parade. The largest Independence day parade ( probably considered to be highly offensive to government dependent individuals) on Long Island attended by some 15,000 spectators.

Thousands of Patriotic Americans (aka. “racists”) cheered the Tea party group, which has nearly 1000 active members.

Congressman Tim Bishop (D) who was in attendance was noticeably absent when we reached the reviewing stand (avoiding any chance that a photo-op of him with Tea party members be used against him.)

Tim Bishop made national new last summer when his Town Hall constituents revolted against his leftist policies. See that video by clicking here. Town Halls across the country followed the lead and a national uprising was heard from coast to coast.

This November Mr. Bishop is facing 3 Republican challengers. The most liberal is Randy Altschuler, a former Green party member, who never bothered voting until 2006, and a man who made his millions starting a highly profitable job outsourcing company (OfficeTiger), to fire Americans and hire cheap labor in India. The two other Republican challengers to Mr. Bishop are with conservative in principle and philosophy. They are Chris Cox (Grandson of Richard Nixon) and George Demos.