As a cancer fighter, I consider myself having been “sick enough” to be “entitled” to speak out.

From my cancer blog:

If you’re still celebrating the unconstitutional ramming through of “Healthcare reform”, I say celebrate and delude yourself as long as you can.

The undeniable fact is that this is an unmitigated disaster for our nation and our health. By adding 30 million additional uninsured people (who won’t be insured for another 4 years), to the “insurance roles”, it will destroy the unparalleled quality medical care, all Americans received whether or not you had insurance. In 4 years, when the benefits fully kick in, we all will have healthcare, the way the government defines it. Expect the same high quality service and compassion you customarily get from your unemployment office, your social security or disability office, or your motor vehicle bureau. This legislation WILL put insurance companies out of business within 4 years.

Starting in January expect your premiums to jump 100% as the govt immediately saddles them with unsustainable costs that you won’t be able to afford. People will start to freak. Obama will say “see how evil these insurance companies are!” Meanwhile the whole medical industry will be turned on it’s head. No one knows what’s really in the 7,000 pages of ‘healthcare’ legislation besides massive spending, taxes and government control. Having health insurance will be mandatory by law for all, or you MUST pay a fine. Taxes are going to start going through the roof, and the real ‘benefits’ don’t start for another 4 years. Today, following the signing of the bill into law, tanning salons are the first to be hit with a new tax that starts immediately.

At least Europe sank into socialized misery over the course of 50 years. These idiots are doing it in one big jolt.

The trillions of dollars that we don’t have is going to push us further into debt. Meanwhile 14,000 new additional IRS agents will be trolling our neighborhoods trying to squeeze every dime out of us.

Theoretically the Dems should lose big time in November, Except that they will save their hides by ramming through 25 million illegal aliens and turn them into voters before the next election. Adding 25 million new government dependent Democrats to the voter roles, will guarantee that Socialism will replace any remaining freedoms once guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

May God have mercy on us and repel this Metastatic government cancer that is a deadly and terminal Obamanoma.

Jacques Ditte
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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