Harry and the Healthcare-Bopp comet!

Harry & the Healthcare Bopp comet!!!
by Jacques Ditte

Whether it was Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid compound, the Hale-Bopp comet UFO, or the Japanese Zero pilots nose diving into Pearl Harbor, no one can ever claim any of them weren’t genuinely committed to their cause.

I think it’s time that we recognize the valiant efforts of the Democrat leadership for their for heroic efforts to sacrifice themselves, to give the rest of us healthcare, even though they won’t be around to see it bare its poisonous fruit.

Despite the recent loss of the 60th Senate seat to Republican Scott Brown, in a nearly 4 to one Democrat to Republican blue state or the recent additional Democrat election losses in local districts around the country, and despite record low Democrat Congressional approval numbers already lower than our double digit unemployment rate, Harry, Barry and Nancy want to bring back healthcare! For their sake, I hope they really prepare the mother of all Healthcare bills!

By all means take your time. Don’t rush it. Spend the extra 24 hours and print out another 6,000 pages of legislation.

Make sure this time the bill, includes all the garnishments. Right upfront should be coverage for illegal aliens with guaranteed amnesty for all who receive treatment. Cap an Tax carbon reduction should be part of the plan, to capture and tax our non-poisonous exhalations of carbon dioxide, which have no effect on climate change, since the revelation that global warming is undeniably now a hoax. And to really put the’ kick’ in the Kool-Aid, this ‘healthcare plan’ must include some sort of comprehensive gun ban.

They can provide for the protection of the masses, through the creation of a well armed citizen’s ‘defense’ force.

Take the firearms away from the dangerous radical NRA element, and give them to ACORN, so they can effectively accomplish their ‘community organizing’ endeavors.

Dear Barry, Harry and Nancy, sometimes it’s just best to gather all your followers, have them drink the Kool-Aid, and you can all fly-off on the UFO to meet the promised land!

Jacques Ditte