It’s time the word “moderate” get a negative connotation.

In the politically correct world, moderation has been portrayed as a sign of wisdom, a sign of compassion, of tolerance and understanding.
And with Republicans always getting such a bad rap. Is it any wonder that we “just want to be loved!… is that so wrong?”

Answer: YES! You’re job is not to be loved, it’s to be respected. It’s to stand for your core beliefs what ever they happen to be.

The stark reality in life is that you will never please everyone.
You will never have everybody love you.
You will never have everybody agree with you.
Politicians who try to curry favor via poll pandering raise the red flag, of a sure fire sign that they don’t belong in the Republican party.

My mother always said “compromises get no standing ovations.”

Indeed moderation is nothing more than weakness of character.

A core value is a wholly polarized principle. It has everything to do with certainty, and is the anthesis of moderation.

Are you moderately against rape? If so where is your compromise point?
Are you moderately opposed to domestic violence? If so, what would be moderately reasonable? Anything up to a mild beating would be acceeptable?
Are you moderately committed to protect your children against harm and danger?
Are you moderately faithful to your family?
Are you moderately committed to follow and safeguard the Constitution?

The Republican party is in desperate need of culling the RINOs from it’s flock.

The Republican party must unabashedly govern and lead with the certainty of it’s Republican principles and core Constitutional values.

Since the beginning of time, history has proven unequivocally that:
The strong survive. The moderate and the weak don’t.

Jacques Ditte
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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