Pitchfork Protests!

In response to Saturday night’s arrogant vote by our rogue government,
I hear-by propose that we elevate the debate at Town Hall meetings across America.

Tea Parties got us together and woke us up.
Town Hall Protests got our voices heard. (and they didn’t listen)

Now let’s show up with pitchforks. ( I believe that even in NY, D.C., CA and Detroit, agricultural pitchforks are still legal.)

Maybe the pitchfork visual will provide the necessary prodding (pun fully intended) that we are not messing around.

Upon hearing my proposal, some on our side still felt ‘pitchforks’ were “too strong, and would send the red neck message”. I disagree, however if you want to start off with plastic lunch forks for a while it would be a start in the right direction.

One man with a pitchfork is a target. A townhall full of pitchforks is a guaranteed viral response to get noticed, front page news on even State run media.

Either we fight this or we don’t. It’s no longer a “tea party-pass the crumpets please.”

We need to step it up to the next notch. This time peacefully up the ante and go for the pitchfork. It will be visual, laden with symbolic historic meaning and one step toward a last step constitution option we’d rather not get to. The visual will get the media to go viral. Some senators might get the hint, enough to come short of the 60 votes..

What have we got to lose? Oh yeah…. our country and our consititution!

Semper Fi,
Semper Vigilante,

Jacques Ditte

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