President Obama, I sincerely thank you!

My fellow Americans,

I’d like to confess, that I’ve had a change of heart regarding President Obama.

I would like to thank Americans for electing Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States and for now, even overlook his questionable constitutional eligibility.

I hope you will stand with me and support our President and his aggressive policies.

Mostly, I am grateful to President Obama for his radical fascist agenda and affinity for ignoring, usurping and actively working to destroy the United States of America and the Constitution upon which it was founded.

Had Barack Obama not come in to our lives and enlightened us all with his manifesto, we would still be too busy to pay much attention to the daily activities of our government.

Thanks to this President we have rediscovered America’s founding principles. We have rediscovered the Constitution. We have read it and even re-read it and given out pocket copies to our friends and neighbors.

It’s thanks to the talents of President Obama’s community organizing expertise, that we have discovered that we too can speak up and speak out. Protesting is now no longer the sole dominion of the radical left. We are no longer the silent disenfranchised majority.

Normal, usually too busy and generally silent, everyday Americans are now finding the time to go to Town Halls and speak their minds and discipline their public servants.

President Obama’s contribution to our new-found empowerment is still being written and will be immortalized someday for all, by historians.

But already in a mere 7 months in office, he has successfully brought us together through his desire for socialized healthcare. Town Halls are now more popular than ever. People are sharing their passion against Cap and Trade, deficit spending and high taxes!

And even in the height of the lazy, hazy days of August when nothing is news worthy nor gets done, the visionary Obama seized the moment to surprise us yet again, with the exciting celebration of China’s 60th anniversary of the Communist revolution. He will fly China’s commie flag over our White House on Sept 20th!

But just when you thought he couldn’t possibly outdo himself any further, he treats us to another incredible blessing:
A special National Address to share his wisdom to our children as they head back to school. Not to worry, educators will be more than eager to explain any subtleties that may have escaped the kids.

How exciting and selfless it is indeed for this President to open the door for us to be able talk to our local school administrators!
Thanks to our newly honed Town Hall community activism skills, our school principals will surely be greeted with all the spirited engagement we have already bestowed on our elected servants.

So, thank you Mr. President for making us stronger and teaching us to stand up for our selves.

You are indeed “the one we’ve been waiting for.”

Hope and Change is finally coming!

Jacques Ditte