Kennedycare RIP

With the passing of Ted Kennedy (may he rest in peace) the Dems are going to try and repackage the rotting carcass of Obamacare and give it a shinny new “Weekend at Bernie’s” look!
So let’s all come together and pass this one for ole’ Teddy with Kennedycare!

America don’t be fooled. We must not let up the fight.

It’s time for Ted Kennedy’s life dream of socialized medicine to rest in peace once a for all.
It is only fitting and respectful to give Kennedycare a proper funeral by driving it off the bridge at Chappaquiddick?.

And if the Dems live up to our expectations, they will help motivate us by shamelessly exploiting the tragic cancer death of Mr Kennedy for political gain just as they did at the Paul Wellstone memorial.