Nationalized Healthcare we can all agree to!

When it comes to Government run healthcare we can all agree health care is expensive. And if the government runs the show, it will have to find ways of controlling the monumental costs involved.

Ever mindful of never spending two or three trillion dollars more than necessary, President Obama quickly recognized that there exists great untapped opportunities for the government to streamline wasteful spending on needless medical tests and procedures. In one example President Obama responding to a question about providing healthcare to the elderly, said “end of life care” is one area where we might be able to really save. Perhaps “it might be better to just give her the “pain medication than the costly procedure”.

The chosen one’s logic is undeniable. Currently seniors are the biggest burden to private healthcare providers as they are constantly going to the doctor for one problem or the other. If government were to foot the bill under Nationalize Healthcare then we would all have to bare the heavy burden for the mounting medical expenditures of these old unproductive retirees, (who by the way are sucking the social security system dry as they keep on living despite their usefulness having long ago expired.) Yes conceivably Gramps could help out in a pinch, babysitting the kids while you’re out organizing the current week’s Acorn meeting, but that doesn’t justify the cost of keeping the old clunker going! And I won’t even get into the issue of liability or that he is undermining the local BUWA, Babysitter Union Workers of America with his free services.

It would be indeed much more cost effective to provide healthcare to all Americans based on their usefulness to the greater good. The young, the healthy, the employed and productive middle aged citizens paying in to the system should be entitled the best health care government will allow, within reason, of course.

Workers in green jobs, or those help the downtrodden through community activism could get extra health credits for good social responsible behavior.

The wealthy should pay a surcharge so they can pay their fair share, while badge wearing official government “End of Life Counselors” as proposed by our great leader Obama, should help Gramps understand that he had a pretty good run, but it’s time to come to grips with the fact that he needs to let go, as he is going to eventually to die whether he gets the costly pacemaker or not. Another year or two of life at his age is not going really help him in the end, but performing a costly procedure on someone with such a limited lifespan is plainly a poor use of taxpayer money and yields a poor return on life-investment expenditures. Needless costly procedures for the elderly really put a heavy financial burden on the rest of us. So for the greater good, Gramps, take two morphine, and we’ll call the morgue in the morning.

Also there is great promise that rest of us with diminishing returns may soon be able to take advantage of an “early end of life incentive program” where the Government gets to give you a tax credit for choosing an early exit.

Also there is great promise for the rest of us when we reach the stage of diminishing returns. Soon we may be able to “opt-in” (voluntarily of course) to an “early end of life incentive program” where the Government gets to give you a tax credit for choosing an early exit, sparing all us the expense of you becoming a future burden.

That’s the hope and change we’re all talking about, right?