Stump Speech Coverage

The stump speeches have been delivered and the citizens of America are excited for the election! The speeches that were given by a couple of the candidates left opponents gasping for air. As for some of the candidate’s speeches did not show the true colors of an American president. There is an abundance of issues that we have in our country, many of which were not addressed by some of the candidates; making their speeches a bit weaker than the ones who addressed these issues. Voters will vote for candidates who will fix the built up corruption in today’s government by taking action on: the wars in the Middle East, national debt, and preserving traditional American values.

Voters are looking for a candidate who has a solid solution for the tremendous national debt our country possesses. Since the stump speeches, that were given recently, there is one candidate who undeniably stood out when the national debt was brought into subject. Maria Mills seems to be on the right track when it comes to “slaughtering” the national deficit. America has spent $6 trillion on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her plan includes bringing the troops home, this will certainly deplete our national deficit. Taylor Hanson plans to clear up the tax system confusion and fix the system. Taylor is in hope to make our tax system practical once again. On the other hand Kent Dorgan seems to think America’s budget is his own personal checkbook. He feels the need to give our precious tax dollars to the freeloaders! As if welfare today is already not enough?! In fact Kent Dorgan failed to mention how he planned to decrease the national deficit (Kind of a big problem).

The wars in the Middle East have put a heavy toll on our country today. As of the wasted tax dollars that could have been used to better our country; the citizens of America are unhappy with the turnout in the Middle East. Since the 1970’s, America has been making attempts to maintain power in the Persian Gulf. Yes, oil has flowed but not without difficulty; these attempts have been costly in terms of blood and treasure. Results of American presence and conflict in the Middle East has caused a chronic war. The popular public opinion is that America should pull out of the Middle East and focus on our own country. Barry Washington seems to think that equal treatment of sexuality in the military is more important than preventing our brothers and sisters from dying in the middle east since he failed to mention his efforts to help the Middle Eastern wars. Maria Mills did an excellent job displaying what she plans to do with our troops in the Middle East; to bring the troops home and get out of there! She understands that too many American lives are lost in the battles that take place over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

America would not be the same country it is today without the preservation of it’s lasting values. America has been known to build and sustain cultures where life is protected and promoted. Citizens should not feel that their rights are being deprived of them. With the way this country is headed, America will not have the exemplary values that it has today; unless  someone is willing to step up to the plate and turn that around. Both Maria and Taylor have found the moral belief that a child robbed of their life is an inhumane act at the hands of an ignorant public. Taylor shows a strong belief in the 2nd amendment, a belief that the NRA and it’s supporters are a fan of. Both democratic candidates fail to mention anything about family values; which goes to show who really cares about the American families.

Expecting that America knows what is best for it’s country they will choose the right candidate. So far Maria Mills appears to be the one fit for the job. It will be a tough one for our future president,  with plenty of problems in America’s corrupt government. The candidate that shows the highest potential for taking on the following subjects will win the election: the national debt, the wars in the Middle East, and preserving true American values.