Depression turns to anger.

We told people this would happen.  We (half of the country) warned that Obama would fail as a President.  Now the other half realizes we were right, but unfortunately they are 15 months too late.

The severe backlash has already begun, and there’s likely nothing that Obama’s posse can do to stop it.  While I am grimly satisfied that the national horsewhipping of liberals in November is a certainty, we can’t get back the last year and trillions of dollars that have been squandered.

It’s depressing because people forget that when you gamble with the fate of the world’s superpower, the consequences are staggering.   For almost a year now, the unemployment rate has remained near 10% (the actual number is likely double that).  Houses have been lost, lives turned upside down, and for what?  For nothing.  Obama has spent billions to try to contain the damage but as history tells us, this type of stimulus never works. Never.

I finally figured out where I’ve felt this sensation before.  Occasionally I watch American Idol when they are showing the fools that can’t sing but have been told from since childhood that they are the best performer in the world.  They think they are going to march into the audition and, by force of their self-esteem alone, win their chance to be on the show.  Obama is one of those fools, but the disparity between what he thinks he can do and what he can actually do has enormous consequences now that he is in charge of our country.

George Bush was not a perfect President.  For some reason, he felt that taking a budget surplus from a Democrat President and spending it into a deficit was a good idea.  But he is a good man, and many detractors changed their tune when they met him and realized that the caricature painted of him by the media was a lie.  While he spent more than conservatives were comfortable with, he did not cripple the economy with foolish socialist wealth redistribution.

Only now do people finally understand the magnitude of their miscalculation.  Lest you defend these people by saying that they were hoodwinked by his slick campaign, one must only dig as deep as Fox News to find warnings about his past associations, which include terrorists, communists, and racists.

I see our awesome country struggling under the burden of Obama’s incompetence, inexperience, and foolishness and it angers me.  Part of me wants more than political victory…I’d like to see a reckoning fall upon those who sold America this destructive lie.