Best single political week in 5+ years

I suppose it is just a matter of opinion but it is hard for me to think of a week in the political life of the United States that I have enjoyed more since November of 2004.

It has been beyond great:

  • Scott Brown won and the Democrats fillibuster proof majority in the Senate evaporated
  • Obamacare, at least in its most odious form, died
  • The far left and the blue dogs are fighting like hyeannas
  • The Teapartiers enjoyed their first clear victory and the odious commentators on MSNBC are sampling the salty and savory flavor of Teabag
  • – Teddy Kennedy’s legacy was shattered and his seat was lost to a Republican
  • – Much of Obama’s remaining agenda like amnesty and cap and trade has been rendered impossible
  • – The Supreme Court reversed the worst of McCain-Feingold and brought back balance to the situation where only unions and George Soros had a political voice.
  • – And Air America went off the air and filed for Chapter 7.

I challenge anybody to identify a sweeter week.  And it is only Thursday so there may be more good things to come.