No Coattails and he doesn't even care

Blue dog Democrats are going to be asked by their leaders (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) to take some tough votes between now and next November and yesterday’s election should give them food for thought.

First, it is clear that Obama has no coattails.   His voters may eventually turn out for him again in 2012 (time will tell), but despite campaigning in both Virginia and New Jersey, it is apparent that they will not turn out if Obama is not on the ballot.  This should give Democrats, and particularly those in red and purple districts, who will be facing re-election in 2010 plenty to think about.  Nothing original about this thought.  My fellow Red State-rs have made it repeatedly.

But what would be worrying me even more and probably really pissing me off is the lack of concern.  While his fellow Democrats were being used as floor mops last night, Obama showed disregard that could only be described as callous.  Perhaps he thought that by not watching the election returns along with millions of other concerned Americans he was exhibiting some sort of Presidential aloofness.  Instead he narsacistically watched an HBO documentary about ….. wait for it ……..

 “The One”. 

If I were an endangered Democrat, I would be taking a different message from this behavior.  Obama is quick to ask his troops to take the tough votes to advance his agenda and to secure his legacy but he is so indifferent to the negative effect on their careers that he cannot even be bothered to watch them lose.  If the coach is going to ask me to take one for the team he can at least do me the respect of watching while I go down in flames.   He has no coattails and he has so little respect for his fellow travelers that he doesn’t even care!

P.S.  Pelosi is probably even worse in this respect but nobody ever accused her of having coattails.