The American Left Hates God, The American Right Loves America--I didn't say it, USA Today did!

In a review of this weekends movie box office, USA Today admits that two movies (An American Carol and Religulous) had politically motivated audiences supporting them.

Audiences had political offerings on the left and right. An American Carol, a send-up of Michael Moore, did a respectable $3.8 million, good for No. 9. Religulous, the skewering of religion from comedian Bill Maher, was 10th with $3.5 million

USA Today article

The manipulation of God and Religion that Religulous offers is its trying to pin every over-the-top notion of wild-eyed religious zealots on average God loving people, trying to make them one in the same by spewing that all people of God are one big monolith. Hardly diverse and tolerant thinking. In fact, it’s quite ignorant and bigoted–are all of any race, religion, culture, etc. the same? Of course not, and it’s that kind of thinking that America (and past Democrats) have been evolving away from for as long as I can remember. Thank you, Bill Maher for dragging us back to the dark ages.

How proud the left must be today–the hate America first crowd can add hate God to their resume. Is it any wonder why good Democrats are fleeing a party taken over by hateful neanderthals pretending to be enlightened? Bill doesn’t undertand that his far left agenda has become his religion, but you won’t see that connection in his movie.