Just Saw An American Carol

I know many of you may have seen or are going to see An American Carol, but for those who may not, you’re missing a fantastic movie that’s funny, touching, and well paced with surprises and tempo changes that take this movie to so many other places than I had expected it to ever go.

You may think you know what this movie is all about–think again. It is much bigger in scope, story, and acting then I thought it would be. It not only adds to many of the national dialogs we’ve been engaged in, it does it with exclamation marks and without being didactic. The acting is smart, Kevin Farley takes on the roll with amazing grace and layers, Kelsey Grammer is a national treasure, Robert Davi is so funny it makes me laugh just thinking about it, and the entire cast, absolutely everyone, is on the money–oh, and Mr. Jon Voight, thank you for depicting our first American President with perfect pitch (and Mr. Zucker and company for knowing as well what that tone should be–touché).

An American Carol has multiple levels of plot, humor, and intrigue that I’m sure even Mr. Zucker himself is proud of as he has expanded his filmmaking repertoire. And proud is what you’ll feel when you leave the theater–proud of yourself for being part of the American Spirit.

I just saw it in Los Angeles to a packed theater that started laughing the moment it started and didn’t stop until the sound of applause filled the hall when it was over. It was a great experience. Please don’t miss this movie, go tomorrow if you can and take someone with you that you want next to you for those wonderful moments in life. It’s that good!