Barack Obama—The Ultimate Champagne Socialist

It’s time to upgrade the term Limousine Liberal to the much more accurate and easier to understand Champagne Socialist.

The label precisely describes Barack Obama and his Pandering Populist cohorts (Hollywood Celebrities, Berkeley Elite, etc.), and I hope the McCain campaign pins it squarely on Obama’s chest.

From Urban Dictionary:

A champagne socialist is a derogatory label for a person who vocally and ideologically expresses support for democratic or radical socialist beliefs, but lives a lifestyle that contradicts these values. Wealthy politicians, celebrities, academics, entrepreneurs and the refined urban middle-class are often accused of being champagne socialists.

Click here for a more extensive look at the phrase at (where else) Wikipedia:

A “champagne socialist” is a pejorative political term originating in the United Kingdom. The phrase is used to describe a politician, or other self-proclaimed advocate of the poor or working classes, who claims to support a form of socialist ideology, but who might disregard socialist ideals in their daily life.

I’ve often thought that Obama could never be elected in America because he’s just so damn far to the left, but for some reason, he’s been able to shuck, jive, and lie his way out of the connection. He’s a major league hypocrite, or as my mother in Minnesota (a life long Dem.) calls him, “A World Class [email protected]!” It’s very sad that these Champagne Socialist have gotten control of a once great Democrat Party, but their small d voters are missing the train on who’s really running it. The concept of Liberal, Limousine Liberal, left, far left, leftist and even radical leftist don’t seem to have any teeth, maybe Champagne Socialist will—it, along with Gauche Caviar and Salon Bolshevik in Europe have helped to define the leftist ne’er-do-wells there as the hypocrites they are.