Obama's Orwellian Omerica

Like every megalomaniac in history, Obama’s recent attack on free speech is designed to intimidate and punish dissent of a rise to power–it is always the first ploy of those with tyranny in mind. His form of Big Brother is legal maneuvering, hordes of Internet trolls spreading malicious lies and disruption, class warfare, and physical threats if they (the radical far left marxist socialists/communists) don’t get what they want in this election. But once elected, it won’t stop at free speech!

What else can America look forward to? History gives us a good blueprint. First they’ll come to power by Hook (pandering) or by Crook (illegal manipulation) with control of the Media (already done) then create that Soros chaos that leads to a ban on gun ownership, overtaxation so that you become dependent on or to the government (anyone who believes Obama’s lie that 95% of us will receive a $1000.00 tax break is just plain nuts–it’s pandering to get elected), and the kind of wide spread corruption that gets rewarded while doing what’s right gets punished (you’ll be asked to report on your neighbors to keep everyone in fear of one another–may I remind you of Stalin’s Soviet Union.) And this is only the beginning. Those on the left have always believed that any attempt at Orwell’s Big Brother, “you must conform,” mindset would come from the far right (perhaps they haven’t seen what the labor party has done to England), but now the left finds themselves as helpers in ushering in this insanity–they’re still asleep, unaware that they’re wilful dupes in a parade of fools. Can I just say, thank God for PUMA and like minded people of the frustrated Democrat persuasion who are giving America its only chance to avoid this mess!

Here are a few great articles on “the beginning” of the end of FREEDOM!

1) More Obama gangland tactics: Signs banned at Virginia rally today

2) Are We Becoming an Obama Police State?

3) Missouri Prosecutors, Sheriffs ‘Target Anyone Who Lies’ About Barack Obama

4) Say The Wrong Obama Thing, Get Arrested — Not So Fast Says Missouri Gov.

5) Obama Campaign Tells TV Stations Not to Run NRA TV Ads

By the way, on the NRA article (#5) at ABC, it’s starting to appear that FactCheck.org and others are just shills for Obama. Sorry, I know a lot of you like to quote them, but as they say in the theatre, ‘If you believe the good reviews, you’re going to believe the bad ones.” Of course they (factcheck) point out some of Obama’s lies, it’s out of necessity to stay in business and appear on the level, but they have been leaning way to the left in their lack of impartiality and for good reasons: The head of it is Brooks Jackson (CNN), Viveca Novak (Time Mag.), and a host of staff writers like Joe Miller who takes shots at the right whenever he can and Emi Kolawole who used to work at PBS for NOW with Bill Moyers (more on this in upcoming posts). WE’VE ALLOWED AN ORG. TO BECOME OUR DETERMINANT OF FACTS–AND THIS IS DANGEROUS. OBAMA ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY SITES THEM AS ARBITRATOR OF HIS TRUTH. Just read the way their articles are written with leading and suggestive spin.