Obama Issues Statement (?) on Economy

This is what Obama said at his Florida news conference today regarding the nation’s economy: .

Given the gravity of the situation, I will refrain for now from presenting a more detailed blueprint. Any recovery plan should be guided by not rewarding reckless business leaders.

.WOW! Where did he obtain such intellectual brilliance?!

.To help clarify Obama’s nuance, here’s a translation of what he was saying:

I’ll tell you what I think should be done with the Economy after I’ve had a chance to read everyone else’s plan. In fact, to save me the trouble of telling you what I think, why don’t you just read everyone else’s plan and know that I’ll do it better. Hmmm. And if you could add to that what *you’d* like to see happen to help the economy (I hope you know that I’m purposefully vague so you can assume that my position is the same as yours), that should let you all know what you need to know about my incredible leadership skills during crisis.


He’s awesome, huh? Fist bump, yeah! He’s making government so “cool” again! Just look at the Democrat’s Majority leadership in Congress–they’re so cool! Cool enough to not know what the hell they’re doing. And they’d prefer that we think they’re just incapable rather than criminally corrupt..

Hopefully, the DOJ, FBI, whoever, will go all RICO Act on the Dem’s Cabal: Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, George Soros (the market/company/state destroyer), etc. All this Congress thought it had to do to usher in a Dem. President is nothing, look the other way, limit regulations, and let that Soros kind of magic-chaos happen. And they gladly did nothing for political gain. Hey, Joe Biden, how’s that for Patriotism?


BTW: Phil Graham and 89 other senators passed a Bill opening the markets to growth in 1999, President Clinton signed the Bill, but that doesn’t mean there should be a massive loss of oversight over the next decade (especially after being warned in writing by others in 2003, 2005, and more.) Then this do-nothing Congress and their Democrat Surrogates try to blame a Bill that’s nine years old after they didn’t mind the ship; it’s called maintenance and management. .

And as far as Christopher Cox goes, he was woefully negligent, but he gets his autority from Congress: a do-nothing Congress.