Reform Government vs. Reform Society

After watching McCain and Obama at Columbia this eve, I’m wondering if anyone else gets the sense that the big difference between them is that Sen. McCain wants to Change and Reform Government whereas Sen. Obama wants to Change and Reform Society?

I just hope the kids and teenagers out there know that many of their older siblings who are supporting a Socialist are ushering in an era of Big Gov’t Social “Organizing.” For control, historically, mandatory civic responsibilities keeps the younsters in line with the PARTY–and they thought cleaning up their room was a chore.

One more thing: The concern regarding Gov. Palin’s experience is valid by anyone who may also question Sen. Obama’s experience. But an Obama Supporter who has a problem with her experience is disingenuous and their complaint rings hollow. It’s like a terrorist complaining that their victims are terrorists for fighting back. Opps, I forgot, that’s how Obama Supporters do think.