Rachel Maddow's New Show on MSNBC starts off with mocking God and those of faith

At the end of Keith Obermann’s show (ahhh, the remote control fell and accidentally changed the channel) he introduced MSNBC’s latest leftist, Rachel Maddow, who couldn’t wait to inaugurate her new set with some good old fashion Religion Bashing.

Trying to knock the glow off of Sarah Palin, Maddow jumped at the chance to tell us how the Alskan Governor is a God zealot who, I guess, needs to be tolerated for her personal beliefs. But Maddow couldn’t stop there, she had to turn Mrs. Palin’s faith into fear mongering against those idiotic God folks who will surly ram GOD down her and her ilk’s Godless (soulless) life. Maddow suggests that Sarah Palin can’t distinguish God from Government and will (or maybe already has) use Government to promote Sarah’s belief system. Surely, Maddow wants us all to fear those who are clinching to God. Her performance was complete with rolled eyes, giggles at our stupidity, and mocking expressions, but the real revolting part was when she had to drag out the old atheist cry, IF GOD’S SO GREAT, WHY HASN’T HE SOLVED EVERYTHING FOR US? This was all in the first few minutes of her debut.

Good job, MSNBC – why not just go to the source and have The George Soros Presents Aleister Crowley Show that runs nonstop?

If I can stomach it, I’ll try to grab some exerpts from her show’s transcripts at MSNBC (or as God likes to refer to it, HELL!)