Barack Obama's Election History: Hoisted By His Own Petard

Slander, Disqualification, and Primary Election Corruption, this is how Barack Obama has moved through the political world (so much for New Politics).

In the elections he won, he used every legal ploy possible to disqualify his competition. During the 1996 Illinois 13th District State Senate seat, Mr. Obama challenged the signature sheets of incumbent Alice J. Palmer and two others and sued to remove them from the ballot. Consequently, Barack Obama ran unopposed–no wonder he doesn’t recognize Victory, he’s never had a real one.

One of Obama’s opponents eliminated by Barack’s challenging of his petitions, Gha-is Askia, said he was dismayed Obama would use such tactics.


“It wasn’t honorable,” he [Askia] said. “I wouldn’t have done it.” He said the Obama team challenged every single one of his petitions on “technicalities.”

If names were printed instead of signed in cursive writing, they were declared invalid. If signatures were good but the person gathering the signatures wasn’t properly registered, those petitions also were thrown out.

Askia came up 69 signatures short of the required number to be on the ballot.

“That was Chicago politics,” said John Kass, a veteran Chicago Tribune columnist. “Knock out your opposition, challenge their petitions, destroy your enemy, right? It is how Barack Obama destroyed his enemies back in 1996 that conflicts with his message today. He may have gotten his start registering thousands of voters. But in that first race, he made sure voters had just one choice.”

“It’s not the tactics of ‘let’s all people come together and put your best ideas forward and the best ideas win,’ ” Kass said. “That’s the spin; that’s in the Kool-Aid. You can have some. Any flavor. But the real deal was, get rid of Alice Palmer.”

“There are those who think that registering people to vote and getting them involved in politics and then using this tactic in terms of denying Alice Palmer the right to compete, that these things are inconsistent. And guess what? They are. They are inconsistent. But that’s the politics he plays,” Kass said.

During the 2000 United States House of Representatives election for the Illinois’ 1st congressional district, Barack Obama challenged Bobby Lee Rush (co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party in 1968), but Mr. Rush was ready for Obama’s despicable tactics. Rush called Obama “inauthentic” during the campaign and won decisively: Rush received 61% of the vote, while Obama received 30%.

But Obama was soon back at it during the 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate Race, this time using Chicago media, lawyers, and investigators to scandalously smear Blair Hull in the Dem. primary and then Jack Ryan in the general election with personal attacks.

In the Democrats’ 2004 Primary Race for the Illinois U.S. Senate, candidate Blair Hull had a substantial lead over Barack Obama and five others. But when Blair Hull became the target of Media backed political and personal attacks, fueled by Obama’s flame hunters with “ALLEGATIONS” of domestic abuse, Hull slid in the polls. Obama gained support from favorable media coverage and an advertising campaign designed by David Axelrod. With the endorsement of most of the state’s major papers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama took the lead and became the Democrat’s candidate to face Rep. Jack Ryan in the general election.


Jack Ryan married actress Jeri Ryan in 1991; together they have a son, Alex Ryan. They divorced in 1999 in California, and the records of the divorce were sealed at their mutual request. Five years later, when Ryan’s Senate campaign began, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV, the local ABC affiliate, sought to have the records released. Both Ryan and his wife agreed to make their divorce records public, but not make the custody records public, claiming that the custody records could be harmful to their son if released.

Barack Obama’s backers emailed reporters about the divorce controversy, but refrained from on-the-record commentary about the divorce files. On March 29, 2004, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ruled that several of the Ryans’ divorce records should be opened to the public, and ruled that a court-appointed referee would later decide which custody files should remain sealed to protect the interests of Ryan’s young child. The following week, on April 2, 2004, Barack Obama changed his position about the Ryans’ soon-to-be-released divorce records, and called on Democrats to not inject them into the campaign. The Ryan campaign characterized Obama’s shift as hypocritical, because Obama’s backers had been emailing reports about the divorce records prior to Judge Schnider’s decision.

On June 22, 2004, after receiving the report from the court-appointed referee, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider released the files that were deemed consistent with the interests of Ryan’s young child. In those files, Jeri Ryan alleged that Jack Ryan had taken her to sex clubs in several cities, intending for them to have sex in public. The decision to release these files generated much controversy because it went against both parents’ direct request, and because it reversed the earlier decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. Jim Oberweis, Ryan’s defeated GOP opponent, commented that “these are allegations made in a divorce hearing, and we all know people tend to say things that aren’t necessarily true in divorce proceedings when there is money involved and custody of children involved.”

Ryan’s campaign ended less than a week after the custody records were opened, and Ryan officially filed the documentation to withdraw on July 29, 2004. The same party leaders who called for Ryan’s resignation controversially chose Alan Keyes as Ryan’s replacement in the race.

Like now, the Axelrod/Obama Campaign Crew had no compunction in their scorched-earth strategy even if it includes harming families and children. Alan Keyes was a long-time resident of Maryland who gained residency in Illinois to run against Obama, but had little connection to the state. Basically running unopposed once again, Barack Obama walked into his U.S. Senate seat.

Obama’s 2008 Presidential Primary for the UnDemocratic Party:

To say there were campaign and event irregularities in the Democrat’s primary is an understatement. The caucus manipulation in the Axelrod/Obama strategy is near historic. Bus loads of Black Students from Illinois showing up in Iowa, intimidation and shouting at the Hillary supporters in Texas, and paid lackeys to appear as Obama delegates from Omaha who went who knows where are just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone interested can go through the many accounts HERE or find a well-organized, state by state account HERE as a downloadable pdf. It is a National Disgrace that much of the Mainsteam Media has been covering up for Obama.


I live in Davenport, Iowa – Precinct 23. I arrived at our precinct caucus at 6:30. At 6:50 pm, over 75 people of African American descent came walking in, past the tables and sat in the Obama section. I knew one of them from my canvassing. I knew another one who did not live in this precinct! And aside from the 4 or 5 families that live on Hillandale Road, there are no other black people in this unusually white precinct and one of those black couples were in my Hillary section. The results were Obama 3, Clinton, 2, Edwards 1! It was impossible for me to argue since the precinct chair was an Obama supporter from another precinct. A very large bus was seen in the parking lot afterwards carrying these folks back.

So now Mr., Sen., his holiness Barack Obama needs to be held up to the same standards he has used to disingenuously steal elections–as he’s trying to do now. Where is the legal inquiry into his Caucus Fraud from a commission authorized to interview witnesses and correlate information? As Obama tries to pull the proverbial wool over our Nation’s eyes, we need his primary corruption proven. We are at the mercy of political corruption if we don’t get to the bottom of this.

As far as legal-ease technicalities go, it would be cosmic justice if there’s any truth to that nasty little lawsuit filed last month in Pennsylvania claiming that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen on several counts. His birth certificate, all three of them, appear to be forgeries, his mother may have given birth in Kenya not Hawaii, and when she married an Indonesian man and became a citizen there so did little Barry–who can’t provide proof that he ever regained his U.S. Citizenship. Either way, Barry probably doesn’t know that you can’t run for POTUS with dual citizenship. The DNC and Obama were served court papers last Thusday. More Here: MSM Ignores Democrat Lawsuit Against Obama.

I’ll let Barack Obama’s own words, regarding Alice J. Palmer in his first election, hoist him up: “To my mind, we were [are] just abiding by the rules that had been set up.”

Ya know this guy, Obama, is going to throw every rotten thing he can at McCain and Palin before it’s all over and done.