MLK Day 2017: Celebrating Advances of Past; Longing for Responsibility in the Future

mlk-mountaintopCelebrate the civil rights leaders of the past but for civil rights leaders of the present, concern is the more appropriate appellation.

America needs a civil rights leadership that can command the nation’s respect. It does not have one. Today in 2017 the conversation is dominated of John Lewis and his followers declaring Donald Trump to not being a legitimate President. This is emblematic of the current leadership on civil rights. Riots, disruptions, police shootings — these dominate the news but should not dominate our thinking. Disruptive protests on the streets are bad enough but when they’re done on the floor of the House of Representatives, that’s way too much.

President Obama has been the biggest disappointment of all. Civil rights should be a national issue. Each and everyone of us ought to take ownership of it. Under Obama, it has continued to be treated as just a partisan issue.

Civil rights leaders should be responsible. They do not behave that way, today. On MLK Day, 2017 we celebrate the advances of the past and look forward with longing and hope to the future.