Lack of Change in Antarctic Ice Caps Over Last Century

First Permanent Base in Antarctic
First Permanent Base in Antarctica, 1904.
Public domain image from Wikipedia.

Scott and Shackleton logbooks show Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 100 years after expeditions. What does this mean for climate change? The British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported:

“Experts were concerned that ice at the South Pole had declined significantly since the 1950s, which they feared was driven by man-made climate change.”

“But new analysis suggests that conditions are now virtually identical to when the Terra Nova and Endurance sailed to the continent in the early 1900s, indicating that declines are part of a natural cycle and not the result of global warming.”

The newspaper’s use of the word “proven” may be a bit strong but this story does have one lesson for us all. Science and history should go where ever the path towards the truth may go. We — and the scientists themselves — should stop encumbering academic research with all sorts of political baggage.

Here is the full story: http://dld.bz/fkYE2