Historical Accounts of the Beginning of Christianity

christ-stained-glassMore than five hundred persons were already devoted to the memory of Jesus. In default of the lost master they obeyed the disciples, the most authoritative — Peter — in particular.

The activity of these ardent souls had already turned in another direction. What they believed to have heard from the lips of the dear risen One was the order to go forth and preach, and to convert the world. But where should they commence? Naturally, at Jerusalem. The return to Jerusalem was then resolved upon by those who at that time had the direction of the sect. As these journeys were ordinarily made by caravan at the time of the feasts, we now suppose, with all manner of likelihood, that the return in question took place at the Feast of Tabernacles at the close of the year 33, or the Paschal Feast of the year 34.

Maybe the most controversial topics in all history, how and when did this religion begin and why did it expand so much when contemporary religions did not? Three historians tackle this topic, a Protestant, a Catholic, and a Jew. The series begins here: http://dld.bz/fkFXS